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    The creative power of T-LAB PROFESSIONAL products meets the requirements of top-class cosmetics. The products are created to meet the highest quality standards and to create an exclusive style. The exclusive and instantly recognizable T-LAB PROFESSIONAL collections symbolize luxury haircare. 


    So how was born the idea of T-LAB PROFESSIONAL?

    The T-LAB Professional brand was developed and shown to the public in 2006, but this brand has a history of almost 25 years. Very famous stylist and expressive businessman, Vladimir Tarasyuk, together with his wife, Katerina Tarasiuk, both had wide experience and knowledge. This has stunned the whole world because T-Lab was offering products for everything: hair, skin and nails. T-Lab products are created only from natural materials, packaged in responsibly sourced and produced materials. T-Lab products are developed by very known technologists and specialists from Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France and Spain. These professionals have gained worldwide recognition.

    T-LAB Professional haircare and skincare products are safe and beneficial for the hair, skin and face. These products are based on 97% organic ingredients without parabens and SLES. The professional product line features a unique natural complex based on luxury oils, mineral powders, natural extracts and pure organic water.

    T-LAB products in all lines feature UNC technology, which ensures 100% results because of the complexity of ideally selected ingredients. T-LAB Professional products have a cumulative effect, so your hair will look even more beautiful and stronger after each washing procedure.

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