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    ELLIPS line has vitamins, dry shampoo, hair masks that nourish brittle and coarse hair and help restore elasticity and vitality. ELLIPS products promote the growth of healthy hair, improve its appearance and texture also thicken them. If we use ELLIPS vitamins and other products long enough we will see the magic results – hair will have a natural shine, it will become thicker and stronger. Thanks to the innovative formula, the product does not grease or burden the hair.

    ELLIPS products are created for women that are complaining about weak and thin hair, hair that lacks moisture, hair that gets oily very quickly. These products also help to recover hair, that is damaged after so much painting, hair that is very dry and easily breaks. So, if someone faces all these problems, they should definitely try ELLIPS production.

    Only after one use of ELLIPS vitamins, conditioner or mask hair looks healthier and smoother. Products leave to a hair long-lasting fragrance, but they do not leave any feeling of stickiness and absorb into the hair very quickly.

    ELLIPS hair masks make hair even more vibrant and gentle. The hair mask only needs to be kept for a few minutes and can be rinsed off immediately. Even after the first time using a hair mask, hair will become much softer and smoother. ELLIPS hair masks do not contain sulfates, parabens and various dyes. If vitamins and hair masks we use at the same time – the result will be more effective, more noticeable and faster.

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