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    T-LAB - Vegan & Cruelty free

    Is a source of health and beauty for all women.

    Our main ingredient - Purified Underground Water with energizing gems. This water reflects shades of wisdom, power, grace and purity. Our highest priority is to develop special and unique products using innovative ingredients and high–performance formulations. The power of beauty can be hiding in one little T-Lab product bottle – that might be the secret of real women’s charm.

    T-LAB Professional aim is to create ethical products that benefit people and the planet. We are using certified organic ingredients for the production of natural products.We make sure our products are vegan and cruelty-free. This means that our products do not contain animal or animal-derived ingredients. All our formulas are dermatologically tested, kids friendly and pregnancy friendly.Our LAB actively takes part in legislative initiatives worldwide to implement the European Union’s Cosmetics Regulation on animal testing ban. One of the important aspects of the new regulation is to ban animal testing for cosmetics and provide foreign and national companies with a possibility to use latest technological developments, particularly, the alternative methods for testing cosmetic products.




    Our products meet all the requirements of quality while providing effective, enjoyable skincare. These are absolutely the cosmetics that every girl wants to use: affordable, high quality, safe and efficient. We only create and sell products we are confident and proud of because we offer you only the best.

    With the support of a team of professional beauticians, we managed to bring her dreams to life, and we are proud to present our products to you. In our body care products, we combine proven classic recipes with innovative developments. In the composition of our body wraps and scrubs, we use ingredients of the highest quality. Our products meet all the requirements of quality and provide effective care for the skin. These are absolutely the cosmetics that every girl wants to use: affordable, high quality, safe and effective. We create and offer you the products only that we are confident and proud of. Because we offer you only the best.



    Is a source of health and beauty for all women.

    Its a Spanish company dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing professional hairdressing products which offer a perfect balance between quality, image and price, thereby achieving a competitive advantage for the professional.
    Company has own laboratory, where we research, innovate and perform daily quality control for each of our products. Our formulas always include organic ingredients and the whole manufacturing process is carried out in Spain.


    "We are a renewed brand with a simple, timeless and global image. We consist of a young team that works with vision and believes in what we do. That is why we offer professionals the products, services and support they need to carry out their work perfectly.
    Our mission is to make the work of professionals easier and, to do so, we offer quality at a fair price and with a refined image. Our goal is to make a difference and become a leading brand in hairdressing both nationally and internationally."



    ELLIPS production – another discovery that changed our lives forever.

    ELLIPS vitamins are not only complex of vitamins A, C or E. It also gives protection from heat, UV rays, chlorine and sea salt. ELLIPS vitamins, dry shampoo or hair masks – work like powerful antioxidants, provides volume and brightness. Hair becomes thicker, smoother and softer.
    Ellips is the solution. Born in Indonesia since 2005, Ellips is now the no.1 hair vitamin in Asia. Ellips’ formula actively works to protect and nurse each hair strand back to health. Hair feels smoother and easier to manage even from the first use!


    Hair feels healthier and smoother after the first use. Gives hair a long-lasting fragrance. Perfectly absorbed into the hair strand and hair doesn’t look greasy and hand doesn’t feel sticky after use. Adjustable to the needs of each individual hair type.



    Brelil Professional is an advanced and professional Italian hair cosmetics brand founded in 1973 in Lodi Vecchio near Milan.

    It is successfully present in more that forty countries around the world, satisfying even the most demanding customers with it’s wide range of exclusive hair products of the highest quality Brelil Professional is an exclusive, prestigious TOP brand and the first choice hairdressers and professionals who expect visible results. Innovatine hair products at affordable prices emphasise the result: beautiful and healthy hair Thanks to latest technologies, Brelil Professional products are easy to use, gentle on the hair and gives shine, condition and strength.


    The products are concentrated and contain rare active ingredients that meet the high demands of exclusive hairstylist


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