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    What Women wants - T-Lab, Brelil, Letique, Yunsey professionals and the ELLIPS team want to tell to women our brand life story. We encourage women – to push the boundaries, be brave and adventurous and give time to understand and love themselves. We encourage women to be passionate and beautiful and to enjoy their life every second.
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    About What Women Wants founder

    My name is Gintarė. I am a very active person. I love to spend my time with my family, friends, learn something new or travel somewhere. I have a lot of energy and always looking for things that inspire me or change my perspective on life.

    My message to all women is – I want to inspire them to be proud of themselves and never stop looking for something perfect. Because if we try so hard, if we love ourselves and if we believe – our faith in things finally changes into something meaningful. Then we realize that we found what we were looking for. Faith in yourself and braveness – are values that make many women so powerful.

    What women really wants?

    Beautiful and unique are very voluminous words, having a lot of different meanings. Modern women always want to look young, healthy and stunning.

    They buy expensive cosmetics, perfume, face masks, or even serums or creams for their skin. But what truly makes women the most beautiful? What women really wants? They want their hair and skin to be healthy. If we see a woman with long, shinny, full and natural hair, we immediately know - this woman takes good care of her hair. Seeing precious women with glowing and soft skin makes us believe that she is taking her time to herself. Women with healthy hair and skin symbolize charm, power, and strong personal identity. To have long and shiny hair and also smooth skin we have to eat very nutritive food, exercise, and live a healthy life. But what’s most important – we have to find the right shampoo and conditioner despise that finding the right face routine is very important. Every woman is individual and attractive in their own way. Every woman has a unique life story.

    What women wants

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    Women want everything to be how they want.


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